Reiki (pronounced ray-key) is a Japanese form of healing and relaxation that tunes into the body's natural life force energy. A practitioner attuned to the Reiki energy gently lays hands on the client to help release any energy blocks and increase the flow of energy within the body. Someone who is coming for a Reiki session does not need to do anything special prior to coming. The client remains fully clothed during a session, minus the shoes, and lays face up on a massage table for the duration of the session. It is not uncommon for the client to reach such relaxation that they fall asleep.

Reiki uses a particular set of hand positions during a session, as taught by Dr. Usui. Energy work, on the other hand, does not have any prescribed hand positions. It is 'intuited' by the practitioner as to what each client needs. Generally speaking, the end result is the same. Both forms of healing and relaxation work with the chakras, the seven main energy centers in the body that run from the top of the head to the base of the spine. A 'block' in the life force energy often results in some form of disease, be it physical, mental or emotional. Both Reiki and energy work connect to that energy to help release what is 'stuck'.

At Lux Eterna Healing, we also use crystals in energy work practice. This is not part of all Reiki or energy work. Since crystals are of the earth, they also carry a unique vibration.

Each stone has one or more healing characteristics. For example, hematite is well-known for its grounding ability, but it also has a "powerful connection with blood. It restores, strengthens and regulates the blood supply." (from The Crystal Bible by Judy Hall).

During a session, we often place crystals on the body along the chakras, in the hands and around the body as needed. This is not mandatory for a session, but it certainly assists in the healing process. The energy of the crystals will still have an effect if the layout is underneath the massage table that the client is on.

Reiki & The Chakras: Emotional Characteristics

Reiki assists in healing the energy blocks that are associated with the emotional 'baggage' we carry.

The root chakra, or 1st chakra, is located at the base of the spine and is associated with our sense of survival and 'tribal' belonging. Fear is one of the primary emotional blocks-fear of belonging or fitting in, fear of having enough to survive and be safe. Other emotional blocks at the root chakra deal with trust and being grounded in the past or future instead of the present. There could be fear of the past repeating itself or fear of what the future holds. In either case, it is a root chakra issue.

The 2nd chakra, or sacral chakra, is located below the navel and into the abdomen. Since this is our creative center, guilt is a strong emotional block. The sacral chakra deals with creativity, sexuality, desire and attraction. Some of the other emotional blocks in this chakra include fear, anger, isolation and a victim mentality. There is emotional stability when this chakra is balanced.

The 3rd chakra, or solar plexus, is located mainly in the stomach area of the body. It is the will center; thus, the idea of the gut instinct. One of the primary emotional blocks in this chakra is shame, which makes sense knowing that ego is strongly connected to the 3rd chakra. The solar plexus is also the center of self-judgment and where we hold our self-belief. The sense of empowerment and spontaneity also exist here.

The 4th chakra, or heart center, spans across the chest. It is exactly what we would logically deduce about the heart center: it is the home of self-love and love of all living beings. Grief is one of the biggest emotional blocks of this chakra. The ability to be compassionate, vulnerable and empathetic reside here, too. Our ability to forgive others and ourselves as well as to have a solid foundation of trust represent a balanced heart chakra.

The 5th chakra, or throat chakra, is located at the throat. This chakra carries the energy of our ability to speak our Truth-expression, communication, and sharing compassionately. It would make sense, then, that the biggest block of the 5th chakra is telling lies. The lies can be lines that we feed ourselves about ourselves as well as what is said to or about others and events. It represents our power of choice, strongly connected to the 3rd chakra.

The 6th chakra, or brow chakra, is also sometimes called the "third eye" and is located between the eyebrows. This chakra is connected to our ability to use our imagination and intuition. Are we being open to 'seeing' a new perspective or are we stuck inside the box? Are we open to the receiving wisdom or do we cling to being close-minded and cut of from inspiration?

The 7th chakra, or crown chakra, is located at the top of the head. This chakra is our connection to our spirituality; therefore, the main energetic emotional block is attachment. With a balanced crown chakra, there is a sense of clarity, peace and Divine acceptance.

This is a brief overview of the emotional energies carried in each chakra. Reiki and energy work help bring these emotions and chakras into balance.

Reiki & The Chakras: Physical Problems

Reiki and energy work can assist in healing potential physical manifestations of energy blockages within the body, but should never take the place of medical attention. Reiki and energy work are complementary therapies.

Since the root chakra (1st) deals with the core energy of survival, it makes sense that some of the physical problems include food and health issues. A blockage also results in lack of vitality and lower body pain in the hips, feet and knees.

The 2nd chakra, or sacral chakra, deals with emotions, creativity and sexuality. Therefore, an energy block may manifest itself as lower back pain, fertility issues, emotional stability or sex-related issues.

The 3rd chakra, or solar plexus, is the will-center and place of self-belief. Some of the possible physical struggles include control issues, stomach ulcers, fatigue, anxiety and hyper-sensitivity.

The 4th chakra, or heart center, carries the energy of love and compassion. Due to its location across the chest, potential physical problems include cardiac, breath or lung issues, depression and issues with trust.

The 5th chakra, or throat chakra, focuses on expression and communication. It would make sense that creative blocks, sore throats and colds are all possible manifestations of an energy block in the throat chakra.

The 6th chakra, or brow chakra, embraces the concepts of intuition, inspiration and imagination. Potential physical ailments include headaches, insomnia, amnesia, nervous breakdowns, nightmares and dizziness.

The 7th chakra, or crown chakra, is the connection to Spirit. Some of the struggles experienced with a blocked crown chakra deal with spiritual obsession down to atheism. Other physical ailments take the form of a mental health state, such as irrationality, apathy, confusion, Alzheimer's and epilepsy.

This is a very brief overview of the potential physical problems from blocked energy in each chakra. With awareness, when some physical issues present themselves, this information can guide your processing as to what you could pay attention to in your life.