First Session


To help you prepare for your first Reiki/energy work session, here are some items to note:
  • You stay fully clothed during a session; only shoes are removed.
  • You do not need to wear any special type of clothing; be comfortable.
  • Complete the Client Information/Consent Form. Print off the form and complete it or arrive about 10 minutes early to complete the form prior to the start of your session.
  • We will have a brief discussion regarding your intentions and current physical state.
  • Be open to receiving the energy. Allow yourself to be receptive to the experience.


Every body responds differently to energy work. As a matter of fact, each session typically "feels" different, too. The body responds to what it most needs in the moment. Here are some typical physical responses to energy work:
  • No conscious awareness of a physical response.
  • Areas of heat or cold, not necessarily in conjunction with the location of the practitioner's hands.
  • Tingling
  • Gurgling sounds in the throat or stomach areas
  • Emotional responses (tears, laughter, etc.)
  • Involuntary twitching
  • Seeing colors (usually in association with the different chakras)
  • Memories of past experiences


Just as each session can yield a different response during the session, the same holds true following a session. Although the physical body is essentially inactive during a session, the energy within is far from inactive. It is important to maintain good self-care following an appointment. Some key points:
  • Stay hydrated! Drink plenty of water following the appointment to allow the energy to continue to move and release any blocks.
  • Be aware of any physical fatigue and respond compassionately. It may sometimes feel as though you just completed an intense physical workout a few hours after your session.
  • It is sometimes beneficial to take advantage of soaking in epsom salts. This, too, helps keep the body relaxed and open.
  • Journal. There may be times when a session may result in releasing past events, traumas or beliefs. Taking the time to journal allows the rest of the release to take place. It can be quite cathartic.
  • You may experience temperature shifts. It is not uncommon to be cold after a session.
  • There may also be times where there is no conscious awareness of anything being different within your body. This does NOT mean that nothing happened during the session, it's simply how your body responded.
  • It is common to sleep really well the night of a session. The body experiences release from the tension and all of the energy holding and needs to rejuvenate.

Feel free to contact me via phone or email if you have any other questions following your appointment. It is a new experience for most people and not always easy to wrap your head around. There are no such things as stupid questions! It is far better to ask the questions and be open to future sessions than wonder about anything that took place. This certainly isn't meant to scare you away, but to acknowledge how different the experience is. Energy work is a gentle, yet powerful way, to deeply heal the body. The most beautiful aspect of energy work is that each body guides and determines the amount of healing it is able to receive at each session.